About Us

Lilburn is a health fitness and event servicing brand, strategically located in the heart of Enugu state, Coal City Nigeria. Whether you’re looking for a gym membership, interested in taking a fitness class, or getting involved in a sport; we have the facilities to meet your needs. We are one of the few gym and sports centers in southeast Nigeria offering basketball, swimming, and many others including boxing, table tennis, and more. We also offer function outlets for weddings, conferences, and company events.

Our Services


Ultramodern Gym facilities and equipment designed for individuals, family, corporate group and organization of different sizes.

Event centre

Over 500 capacity and Conducive event centre for all kinds of celebration: wedding, birthday, group party, meeting, conference, seminar, get-together, school party and more.


Spa that offers best services to your well-being and comfort designed to make you feel light from the mind and from the body as it helps to grease the body part by the process of kneading which promotes happiness and a light mind.

Cafe & Eatery

For dining options like no other, visit a Cafe and let our world-class chefs take you on a journey of flavors in a wide variety of meals and snacks made from the freshest ingredients and to the highest standards.

Unisex Salon

Modern Unisex saloon specialized in providing clients with precision haircuts and beautiful hairdressing inspired by our expertise alongside with personalized style to fit our clients’ individual needs and lifestyle.

play Ground

Bring your children for a picnic or fun day. Visit our facility and let your children have an awesome experience with wonderful fun games under the supervision of our staff and with a keen sense of security provided for the kids. your children.